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Shipping Info

Shipping Info

We operate mainly by mail order and can therefore deliver our bulbs to most places in the world.

Our catalogue and price list changes regularly, so please email us requesting our latest price list stating the country you live in. All overseas orders will be quoted in $USD.
Please enquire about postage costs once you have decided on your order. We don’t quote by number of items or by the value of your purchase as the cost of postage is related to the weight of the parcel. For example, the postage costs of a large Crinum bulb could cost the same as 15 Nerine bulbs.

South Africa Orders
Our preferred method of payment is by EFT. We try to avoid cash deposits as the bank charges are extremely high. If this is your only means of making payment, please add 10% of the total value of your order to your payment.

International Orders
If you are paying via PayPal, 5.5% of the total value of your order will be added to cover the PayPal fees/charges.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Please click here to download a pdf version of our catalogue.