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About Us

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The Shire Wild Bulb Nursery was started in 2003 by Rob Scott. His interest was inspired by a good friend and mentor, Cameron McMaster, and from the age of 12, Rob joined Cameron on his long hikes through rough countryside where many of his exciting botanical discoveries were made. Years later during a gap year in England, Rob found himself working for Star Plants, a large wholesale nursery, which churned out tens of thousands of Hollyhocks and Fuschias. But it was only at the age of 23, once he had returned home from his travels and started building his lodge - The Shire Eco-Lodge - that his real passion in bulbs was discovered. The first bulbs he grew from seed were Nerine, Haemanthus and Scadoxus. These were all very successful, and so the collecting began.

Every year increasing in size, the nursery now comprises 4 shade houses and numerous open beds where the landscapers specialities are mass propagated. At present the nursery is home to over 150 species of indigenous bulbs, the majority of which are indigenous to the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Over the years he has realised how threatened many of these plants are in the wild, and as well as being involved with the conservation and protection of these wild populations, Rob’s goal is to promote conservation of the rarer species through cultivation. He has developed a keen interest in botanical photography and wildlife photography in general, and his galleries are witness to the beauty and diversity he has at his doorstep. For those who would like to experience this beauty firsthand, Rob’s beautiful chalets on the edge of the Afro-montane forest provide a unique and tranquil getaway. Botanical day tours can be arranged to share the beautiful rare and endemic plants growing in the Mountains.

Enjoy the site and hope you find something of interest to add to your collection.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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