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Amaryllidaceae Gethyllis


A large genus, mostly occurring in the winter rainfall region of South Africa, comprises of about 40 species, although this is a fairly unknown genus. Grown for its attractive leaves which are often beautifully spiralled and in some species the leaf sheaths protrude above the ground and are beautifully decorated with speckles and spots. The flowers are sweetly scented and the elongated fruit are a popular snack among bushman. They should be grown in deep pots with a very well drained sandy medium and require sun or bright light for most of the day. Water the plants once every 10 days or so during the growing season, allowing the soil to dry between watering. Keep completely dry in summer once the bulbs have gone dormant.


Name Gethyllis linearis                 

   Gethyllis linearis shire indigenous bulbs  
   Gethyllis linearis leaf      

Common name Kukumakramka
African name  
D/E deicduous
Rainfall winter
Height 5cm
Light requirements ss
Flowers January
Medicinal uses  
Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Shade Code

FS -  full sun
SS -  semi shade
S -    shade

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