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Araceae Zantedeschia


Possibly the most well-known of African bulb genus’s, comprising of 8 species. All 8 species are summer growing but Z.aethiopica also occurs in the winter rainfall region of South Africa. They are generally very versatile plants and can survive in many different conditions. Popular for their unique funnel shaped flowers and lush, arrow-shaped leaves, Arum lily’s do well in both full-sun and semi-shade. They enjoy a well-drained, compost-rich medium with regular watering during the growing season and dry dormant period.

Name Zantedeschia aethiopica Zantedeschia aethiopica shire indigenous bulbs
Common name White arum lily
African name ihlukwe (z)
D/E deciduous
Rainfall summer
Height 1m
Light requirements ss
Flowers November
Medicinal uses

Used in traditional medicine for poultices, to treat coughs, headaches and stomach ailments.


Name Zantedeschia albomaculata Zantedeschia albomaculata shire indigenous bulbs
Common name Arrow leaved arum
African name intebe (z)
D/E decidous
Rainfall summer
Height 70cm
Light requirements ss
Flowers December
Medicinal uses

Used in traditional medicine as a poultice, to treat frequent miscarriage and used for cattle ailments. It produces a yellow-green dye.

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Shade Code

FS -  full sun
SS -  semi shade
S -    shade

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