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Hyacinthaceae Ornithogalum


A large genus of about 120 species spread right across Africa. Certain species are regarded as important garden plants in many countries, grown for their low maintenance requirements and long-lasting, showy flowers. The winter growing species enjoy a lot of sun, well drained sandy soil and should be kept dry in the summer dormant period.  Summer growing species enjoy full sun and a well-composted soil, with generous watering at regular intervals in the summer growing season.

Name Ornithogalum 'chincherinchee' Ornithogalum synanthifolium c
Common name Chincherinchee
African name  
D/E deciduous
Rainfall summer
Height 50cm
Light requirements ss
Flowers October
Medicinal uses  
Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Shade Code

FS -  full sun
SS -  semi shade
S -    shade

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