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Amaryllidaceae Ammocharis


Ammocharis is made up of 6 species, A.longifolia being the only winter-growing species. All species do well in pots and are popular for their large beautifully scented flowers. They require a well-drained sandy medium, with occasional drenching, allowing the soil to dry considerably between watering. They require a lot of sun, and do best if left undisturbed once established.   


Name Ammocharis coranica

 Ammocharis coranica shire bulbs

Common name Ground lily
African name icukudo (z)
D/E deciduous
Rainfall summer
Height 40cm
Light requirements s
Flowers November
Medicinal uses

The bulb is used traditionally where it is
ground to a paste and used to waterproof
pots. Also used to treat ailments caused
by witchcraft.




Name Ammocharis nerinoids                               

 Ammocharis nerinoides shire bulbs

Common name Namibian ammocharis
African name  
D/E deciduous
Rainfall summer
Height 15cm
Light requirements fs
Flowers October
Medicinal uses  
Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Shade Code

FS -  full sun
SS -  semi shade
S -    shade

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