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Hyacinthaceae Ledebouria


Ledebouria occur in all parts of South Africa, about 60 species make up this genus. Popular for their variable, beautifully spotted or striped leaves, but at a closer look also produce intricately beautiful flowers. They are tough and easy to grow, doing best in pots with a well-drained compost-rich medium.   


Name Lebebouria cooperi Ledebouria cooperi shire indigenous bulbs
Common name Cooper's squill
African name icukudwane (z)
D/E deciduous
Rainfall summer
Height 20cm
Light requirements ss
Flowers October
Medicinal uses

Used in traditional medicine to ease pregnancy and treat internal ailments in cattle.


Name Ledebouria revoluta Ledebouria revoluta shire indigenous bulbs
Common name Common ledebouria
African name ubuhlunu (x)
D/E deciduous
Rainfall summer
Height 15cm
Light requirements ss
Flowers November
Medicinal uses

Used traditionally to treat skin irritations, wounds, lumbago and gall sicknesses in animals.

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