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Amaryllidaceae Amaryllis


A genus of 2 species endemic to the winter rainfall region of the western and northern Cape. They make great garden plants for dryer climates or regions that receive a winter rainfall, popular for their large, fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers. Both species enjoy a lot of sun, require poor, well-drained soil and don’t need feeding as with many other amaryllids. Both species do well in large pots, planted with the neck of the bulb at soil level.


Name Amaryllis belladonna

 Amaryllis belladonna shire bulbs

Common name March lily
African name  
D/E deciduous
Rainfall winter
Height 1.2m
Light requirements ss
Flowers March
Medicinal uses  
Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Shade Code

FS -  full sun
SS -  semi shade
S -    shade

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